[IPython-dev] idea "native" ipython notebook

Carlos Córdoba ccordoba12@gmail....
Mon Apr 8 13:39:46 CDT 2013

What was slow exactly? Because if it was Mathjax rendering, I know what 
the source of that problem is: Mathjax doesn't recognize correctly 
QtWebKit as a WebKit browser and so it falls back to show math as png 
images. The time it takes to do so is horrendously slow and makes the 
notebook almost unusable.

The solution is to make Mathjax use its SVG backend instead of HTLM/CSS. 
It's not as beautiful as the last one but it gets the job done quickly.

The other good news is that someone ported the latest improvements to 
QtWebKit made in Qt5 to Qt4, in a project called QtWebKit 2.3. This 
brings almost all improvements made to WebKit in the last year or so and 
probably V8 too (I'm not sure about the last one :-)

El 08/04/13 13:25, Matthias BUSSONNIER escribió:
> Hi,
>> Our idea is to start with the simplest approach: embedding each notebook in a QtWebKit widget and not using the dashboard.
> Last Time I tried with  QtWebKitWidget, Qt Javascript VM was **much** too slow.
> Didn't had the chance to look deeper but I would have suggested Chromium embedded.

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