[IPython-dev] idea "native" ipython notebook

Roberto Colistete Jr. roberto.colistete@gmail....
Tue Apr 9 08:48:31 CDT 2013

     Please keep in mind that IPython Notebook currently runs on desktop 
OS and some mobile OS (MeeGo Harmattan OS, possibly Ubuntu Touch/Phone, 
Sailfish OS, etc), and the client can run on mobile OS (Android, iOS, 
etc, using the correct web browsers). Mobile OS will sell more than 
traditional OS in 2013.

     So I think it is not feasible to release native IPython Notebook 
softwares for all these plataforms...

Em 08-04-2013 18:23, Brian Granger escreveu:
> I don't think that a native notebook app should be developed within
> ipython itself - we already have way too many things to focus on.
> Also, the effort versus reward is pretty low in my opinion.  You are
> essentially taking something that already runs on the best cross
> platform application (modern web browsers), throwing that out and then
> trying to re-invent all of the cross platform stuff - even if you use
> Qt, it is a complete pain in the ....  Obviously, we want this to be
> possible if other people want to get in this direction though.
> On Mon, Apr 8, 2013 at 11:42 AM, Carlos Córdoba <ccordoba12@gmail.com> wrote:
>> PyQt 4.10 already supports Qt5 but I don't know how easy would be
>> transitioning to it.
>> El 08/04/13 13:30, Damián Avila escribió:
>>> El 08/04/13 15:25, Matthias BUSSONNIER escribió:
>>>> Hi,
>>>>> Our idea is to start with the simplest approach: embedding each notebook in a QtWebKit widget and not using the dashboard.
>>>> Last Time I tried with  QtWebKitWidget, Qt Javascript VM was **much** too slow.
>>>> Didn't had the chance to look deeper but I would have suggested Chromium embedded.
>>> I used Qtwebkit widget in vIPer with PyQt 4.9 and it is slow... but I
>>> have not tested recently... I think PyQt 5.0 was released, maybe there
>>> was an improvement.
>>> I will check this soon and let you know.
>>> Cheers.
>>> Damián.
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