[IPython-dev] Where do we put IPEP discussions...

Paul Ivanov pi@berkeley....
Fri Apr 12 13:45:49 CDT 2013

Brian Granger, on 2013-04-12 11:06,  wrote:
> Here is my reasoning...

All of those are very sound, make sense, and I fully agree with
that. An additional one is that you can edit your own comments,
and delete them - which is not something you can do with mailing

The one exception to those good reasons - GitHub absolutely sucks
at threaded discussion. Mail clients generally don't, so it's
easier to follow threads of conversation without having to jump
around.  I almost never use the web-based gmail, but I recall
that it really sucks at threaded conversations, too, so maybe the
lack of threading on github is not a convincing pain point for

but on the whole, moving it to github will make it easier for
others to participate in the discussion, and highlight specific
lines, etc.

Paul Ivanov
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