[IPython-dev] An experiment called sqlpyzer: IPython Notebook + sqlite in html5

Rishi Ramraj thereisnocowlevel@gmail....
Fri Apr 19 22:15:50 CDT 2013

Hello All,

I was looking for an excuse to learn sqlite in html5, so I created an
IPython Notebook plugin. I thought that IPython would be an ideal way of
publishing scientific data and this plugin was meant as a step in that

The plugin creates SQL sandboxes in the browser using python objects. As
long as you can marshal your Python data into the prescribed format, you
can run arbitrary SQL queries over the data.

Apologies that this code is based on an outdated IPython cut. It was really
only meant as an experiment to learn html5, but I thought I'd share in case
someone else found it useful. The relevant links are:

The source:

A youtube demo:

Detailed technical documentation:

- Rishi
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