[IPython-dev] New r/IPython subreddit created today

Fernando Perez fperez.net@gmail....
Mon Apr 29 18:31:57 CDT 2013

Hi folks,

I just wanted to mention that enterprising user NomadNella created
today a subreddit dedicated to IPython discussions:


I know Thomas and others here occasionally provide feedback and help
on the Python subreddit when there are IPython questions (every now
and then I do too, though my activity level on reddit is very low).
This will be a focused subreddit, which hopefully can serve as a
self-sustaining community for users who are active on reddit to
discuss IPython-related things.

Core devs who have reddit accounts are obviously welcome/encouraged to
subscribe (I did) and keep an eye on it, but my hope is that this will
mostly grow into a healthy community independent of the efforts of the
core team, who are trying our best to keep our nose above the water
with pull requests and issues on github.



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