[IPython-dev] pyspark and IPython

Nitin Borwankar nborwankar@gmail....
Thu Aug 29 13:28:12 CDT 2013

I'm at AmpCamp3 at UCB and see that there would be huge benefits to
integrating pyspark with IPython and IPyNB.


a) has this been attempted/done? if so pointers pl.

b) does this overlap the IPyNB parallel computing effort in
conflicting/competing ways?

c) if this has not been done yet - does anyone have a sense of how much
effort this might be? (I've done a small hack integrating postgres psql
into ipynb so I'm not terrified by that level of deep digging, but are
there any show stopper gotchas?)

Thanks much,

Nitin Borwankar
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