[IPython-dev] Including javascript from static library

TARUN GABA tarun.gaba7@gmail....
Tue Jun 4 13:26:22 CDT 2013


Again for the same project, I have been working on,
I need to include three.js and a few other javascript libraries for it to
I am trying to include these js using ...

HTML("'""<script src="full path to/three.js"></script>""")

At the developers console of my browser I am getting a 503 (service
unavailable error)

I also tried using ..

HTML("""<script src="js/three.js"></script>""")

But got a 404( not found) at developer console.

Any suggestions on how to efficiently include the js in ipython notebooks

P.S. : I would prefer js files residing in my repo, rather than ipython
configuration directory(alongwith custom.js)

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