[IPython-dev] Implementing widgets

Ondřej Čertík ondrej.certik@gmail....
Sat Jun 8 14:25:27 CDT 2013


I have implemented the slider widget here:


>From the cell [2] you can see how it is used, it's trivial. I suggest
you run this in your local notebook, because the cell output is not
visible in the nbviewer. Also you need Chrome, as Firefox doesn't
support the HTML 5 slider and I haven't figure out how to use jquery's
slider yet.

I read your roadmap, and my understanding is that the plan is to start
developing this in December. Unfortunately I needed something now, so
I wrote the above.

I have already tested it for rotation of a 3D visualization using VTK
6 in ipython notebook (offscreen rendering) and it works great.

What is your plan and actual ideas how these widgets should be implemented?
Is there a reason why work on this cannot start now? I'll be happy to
help with this
and send PRs.

If I recall correctly, you wanted to implement the widgets using the
IPython implementation of traits?


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