[IPython-dev] Efficient way to render Javascripts

TARUN GABA tarun.gaba7@gmail....
Sat Jun 15 01:33:58 CDT 2013


I am wondering on what method would be more efficient to serve
Javascripts on IPython notebooks

I need to visualize/simulate multibody dynamics, and there are two
methods which are in my mind.
The rough API of the project is being formed at ..


the two methods are:
1) Via http requests:

  on calling something like ..


The browser sends a POST request to the kernel, and python methods
send a POST request to the required javascripts alongwith POST
parameters as the numerical data required for visualization, most
likely a 4*4 transformation matrix, and shape information.
the Javascripts recieves the post and then it is displayed in the
IPython output cell.

2) Another method can be to make Javascript objects and save them as
text in the classes,
something like ..

def MyClass():

    def __init__(relevant,args):
        self.js_data = ''' A call to the Javascript functions,
alongwith arguments..
                             var myobject =

and then on calling ..

from IPython notebook, first calling all the required
javascripts(files) via publish_javascript()/publish_html() display
methods and then


Which of these would be more feasible and efficient..

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