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Thanks for the tips. We've been following Jake's experiments and will
definitely make use of the ideas/code.


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On Sat, Jun 15, 2013 at 9:45 AM, Matthias BUSSONNIER <
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> Le 15 juin 2013 à 18:23, Jason Moore a écrit :
> > Brian,
> >
> > So it seems that for us to get some data from a python object into our
> javascript, we write the data to file on the fly so that a js cell can pull
> it in from the filesystem or we hard code the data into the js string. Is
> that the way it should be done with the current setup?
> You can with javascript make a call to IPython.kernel.execute that take a
> code string as input and a callback to deal with the data received back. Or
> embed in the js string if you already know the data at publish time.
> have a look at the following.
> http://jakevdp.github.io/blog/2013/06/01/ipython-notebook-javascript-python-communication/
> I suggest you have a look at user_expressions user_variables also in our
> doc.
> > So we'd like the functionality for GET/POST in the notebook for our
> project. And I have one full time student that starts this week. What would
> be the best way for us to contribute some patches to jumpstart this on the
> ipython side?
> We need to discuss what we want for js<-> python bidirectional
> communications. More than get/post, people might want to be able to
> push data through web sockets.
> There are already been drafts, which were not merge because we were not
> totally happy with it.
> It is a complex subject, and I don't  think trying to tackle this is the
> right point to start.
> Several people are interested in this, and we really think we must discuss
> to determine what are the needs
> before trying to get any thing done.
> For the next few weeks we are focusing on polishing things to release 1.0
> mid July, after we will start
> to do what is on 2.0 roadmap, this include javascript bidirectional
> communications.
> --
> Matthias
> Roadmap.
> http://ipython.org/roadmap-announcement.html
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