[IPython-dev] Github - IPy Notebook button

Bartosz mail@telenczuk...
Wed Jun 19 14:10:06 CDT 2013


I found that the nbviewer bookmarklet by Matt Davis does not work any 
more with recent Firefox (v21) due to content security policy (CSP). 
Therefore I decided to convert it to Greasemonkey script, which is not 
affected by CSP.

The script works with Github repositories. In the GH file browser, it 
adds a button to the toolbar (next to Raw and History buttons) if the 
viewed file is an ipython notebook (with .ipynb extension). Clicking on 
the button opens the notebook in NBViewer.

If the script is something which might be interesting for you, you can 
get it from gist: https://gist.github.com/btel/5813784. To use it, 
install Greasemonkey first open the script in Firefox (use raw gist format).

I will be glad to hear you feedback. Thank you all for IPython and the 



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