[IPython-dev] Converting ipython notebook from tornado to gevent?

Stephen Chan sychan@lbl....
Wed Jun 26 13:32:27 CDT 2013

   A group of us in Adam Arkin's KBase group at LBL has started working on
a bioinformatics notebook using IPython Notebook. So far it looks like the
ideal platform and we're glad to be finally under way.

   One of the tasks we have on our todo list is to convert the IPython
Notebook from Tornado to Gevent. We aren't considering this out of any
perverse desire to create additional work for ourselves, but mainly because
our existing deployment environment is based on uwsgi+gevent and the fact
that gevent does a pretty good job of moving asynchrony back into the
plumbing (where some of us think it belongs) so that we can code using a
more conventional python idiom.

   I think that this came up in f2f conversations with Fernando and MinRK,
but I just wanted to bring it up again and ask if anyone considered a port
to specifically to gevent, and if there's any idea of the scope of work? Is
it something like a week of work for a solid python developer, or is it
more like a couple of weeks or more? Are there any gotchas that may arise
due to code written against tornado?

   Thanks for any help,
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