[IPython-dev] Github - IPy Notebook button

Puneeth Chaganti punchagan@gmail....
Fri Jun 28 14:29:39 CDT 2013


I hadn't really looked at this Userscript, until I wanted to send this
email.  It may have saved me some work.

I've hacked up a userscript[0] that "renders" notebook files inside
GitHub, inspired by this[1] post on GitHub's blog, about rendering
geojson files.

I started with a version that loaded all the required Notebook js
files, and got something working (just for raw pages), but getting the
right CSS would've been a pain.  After some poking around, I wrote a
userscript to replace the required elements on the page with an iframe
that renders the corresponding nbviewer url.  Some of you may find it
useful, though it probably doesn't save you much more than a click or
two. :)

The script can be installed in Firefox using Greasemonkey, and in
Chrom(ium|e) using Tampermonkey.

[0] - https://gist.github.com/punchagan/5882879
[1] -https://github.com/blog/1541-geojson-rendering-improvements


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