[IPython-dev] DictDB

Dave Hirschfeld dave.hirschfeld@gmail....
Tue Mar 5 08:58:09 CST 2013

In my ipcontroller_config.py script I've got the following line:

c.HubFactory.db_class = 'IPython.parallel.controller.dictdb.DictDB'

I noticed in the log lots of messages about results being culled and
found that the DictDB has `size_limit`, `record_limit` and `cull_fraction`


There doesn't seem to be any mention of them in the config file so I was
wondering how to set these values.

I assumed it might be something like

c.HubFactory.db_class.size_limit = 10737418240
c.HubFactory.db_class.record_limit = ...
c.HubFactory.db_class.cull_fraction = ...

..but was wondering how I could verify if these settings had worked - e.g. is
there a way to query the controller settings?


NB: Is the default 1MB or am I reading it wrong?

size_limit = Integer(1024*1024, config=True,
help="""The maximum total size (in bytes) of the buffers stored in the db

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