[IPython-dev] Sending cell contents in the `complete_request` message

Robert McGibbon rmcgibbo@gmail....
Tue Mar 19 05:10:21 CDT 2013


The messaging spec. seems to say that the contents of the cell is (or "might be") sent as part of the complete_request message (triggered on the tab key), but looking at the notebook js code, it doesn't look like this is the case. Was it determined that sending the whole cell made the messages too heavy?

Cell magics would really benefit from knowing the contents of the whole cell. For example, the R magic  extension could register custom completion logic to run within an %%R cell. But this isn't possible without sending the whole cell (or at least the first line of the cell, so that we can know that we're inside of an %%R cell at completion time).

This sort of feature is something I would like to make possible for extensions and third-party code to do, via IPEP 11.

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