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Matthias BUSSONNIER bussonniermatthias@gmail....
Wed Mar 20 11:39:29 CDT 2013

Le 20 mars 2013 à 13:03, Satrajit Ghosh a écrit :

> hi damian,
> Satra, you can use the same ipynb for this "live" slideshow and the
> reveal slideshow... In the live "version" the vertical subslide will be
> rendered just as another horizontal slide...
> that's great to know.
> I am working on in some kind of interactivity for the reveal version but
> it is a preliminary work... I need some more time ;-)
> that'll be great - i'm in no rush. in some ways that'll be like a new skin on a live notebook, right?

Not quite exactly. 
Reveal need to go through nbconvert whereas live slideshow is just a big hack of notebook js/css. 

You can actually type and execute things in live-slidehow, but you need to reload every changes in reveal. 
Both have advantages and inconvenient. 


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