[IPython-dev] FSF Award at LibrePlanet

Fernando Perez fperez.net@gmail....
Sat Mar 23 21:53:56 CDT 2013

Hi all,

as some of you may have already seen, tonight I was awarded the 2012
FSF award for the Advancement of Free Software at their LibrePlanet


(also written up here kindly by my friend and colleague Josh Bloom

As I tried to indicate (I'll post links to the acceptance video later
once they are posted), this is really an award that goes to every one
who puts their time and effort into IPython, that is, all of YOU.  I
may have started IPython long ago, but it is what it is today because
you all pound on it.  Furthermore, its value is not intrinsic to its
code, but because of what it enables and empowers people to achieve.

I feel that we have a lot of good work ahead of us, and I look forward
to continuing this effort with all of you.

This weekend trip to Boston for the award and a talk at Harvard's CFA
(where Brian was a  postdoc) is actually the tail end of a completely
manic period of travel and grant-related work behind the scenes that
has kept me mostly offline regarding the day to day of the project.

While a lot of that may have been good (exposure of IPython to many
audiences at conferences and university seminars obviously broadens
our impact), it's time for me to quiet down and get back to work.  I
look forward to less crazy running around and contributing more again
to our technical progress.

I have one more talk to give tomorrow here and will return to the Bay
Area to a hopefully more normal life.  Look for me trying to be useful
again on github :)

And for this weekend, please everyone enjoy a bit of celebration!  You
all deserve it, and hopefully this is just the beginning of many more
great things in our little project.

Once more, thank you, sincerely, to you all...


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