[IPython-dev] first experiment creating Software Carpentry teaching materials using the IPython Notebook

Greg Wilson gvwilson@third-bit....
Sun Mar 24 13:45:41 CDT 2013

On 2013-03-24 2:14 PM, MinRK wrote:
>  > MRK:
>      > We are extremely reticent to extend the markdown syntax, because
>      > maintaining such a thing is well outside our core competency.
>     GVW:
>     Understood.  Am I right that if you could take Markdown rendering out
>     of the core entirely and use someone else's library, you would?
> We already do - we use pagedown, stackexchange's markdown 
> implementation.  It has a few small patches for the notebook.
Sorry, I meant, "If you could use someone else's GitHub-compatible 
Markdown renderer" --- or are there reasons to stick to StackExchange's 
> GVW:
>     Indenting four spaces in a Markdown cell mostly works --- the code is
>     colorized, but the background color is white instead of gray.  On the
>     other hand, since this code *isn't* actually being executed, that may
>     be a good thing.  It'll do for now...
> This is a style question - we can tweak the style of the highlighted 
> code inside the cell, but it is important that it appear distinct from 
> a real code cell.
>  GVW:
>     2: Marking cells with particular classes, which will then allow:
>         2.1: Selectively showing/hiding different kinds of material in a
>              single notebook.
>         2.2: Styling (both during display, and when exporting to other
>              formats like LaTeX).
> Current plan is to release 1.0 in July.
> With one clarification on #2:  There is not a hook for you to add css 
> classes to the cells live in the notebook, but this can certainly be 
> added.  The cell metadata is how you would do this, but interpreting 
> the metadata to add the class to the div will need to be added.
Understood --- but that seems like it _ought_ to be a pretty simple 
extension (he said hopefully).

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