[IPython-dev] Strange %matplotlib qt behavior OS X 10.9

James Booth jabooth@gmail....
Sun Feb 2 09:44:49 CST 2014

Hi guys,

I'm seeing strange behaviour with the %matplotlib qt magic on OS X 10.9
when using Mayavi.

Basically, on creation of a notebook (with only `ipython notebook` being
run, no pylab/gui mode set), running a cell like this:

%matplotlib qt
... import + do work with mayavi

Causes the kernel to hang, whereas

%matplotlib qt  # returns fine
-- NEW CELL --
... import + do work with mayavi  # returns fine

works as expected.

I've exemplified it in a notebook, with additional details:

Any ideas what might be causing this? I thought App Nap might be an issue,
but I see a fix has already been issued for this:

Note I am running off a recent master.

Best wishes
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