[IPython-user] PyReadlineWin32-4.0p22 with Python2.3

Alexandre Gillet gillet at scripps.edu
Tue Aug 19 19:34:07 CDT 2003


I try to build and use PyReadline with Python2.3
After few makefile modification I was able to build and use PyReadline
I also had to modify pythonrun.h
The following is define
PyAPI_DATA(char) *(*PyOS_ReadlineFunctionPointer)(FILE *, FILE *, char *);
I replace it by:
PyAPI_DATA(char) *(*PyOS_ReadlineFunctionPointer)(char *);

but I get a weird behavior.
I am getting a non coherent prompt in my python interperter.
I don't get >>> but 3 differents symbols. someting like *!@

Any idea.


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