[IPython-user] IPython 0.5.0.rc1 ready for your testing pleasure!

Fernando Perez fperez at colorado.edu
Tue Aug 19 20:43:42 CDT 2003

Hi everyone,

I've just uploaded a first release candidate (hopefully final) for 0.5.0.
With Scipy'03 coming up, I'm trying to flush out my huge backlog with ipython.

I was able to flush most of the bug reports from the past three months 
(actually all, I think).  In particular:

- generators being called twice for every next() call when in list 
comprehensions.  CRITICAL.

- major cleanups to the innermost loop and the object finder.  This critical 
code is now smaller, faster and above all, safer.  All spurious eval() calls 
on user input are gone.

- deep_reload failures with dotted module names.

- hardened the traceback printer against many crashes caused by bugs in pdb, 
inspect and user-level code

- @edit failure to load a file if a variable with the same name exists

Plus other smaller fixes.  Some of these are critical enough that after a few 
days, I'd like to put this out as 0.5.0 and deprecate 0.4.0.

The NEWS file has more details:


As usual, downloads are available at:

Next, I'll get back on track to work on Gary's contributions for the Windows 
side of things.

Please take this code for a spin (especially if you had known crash cases for 
ipython) and let me know how it goes.



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