[IPython-user] IPython 0.5.0 is out

Fernando Perez fperez at colorado.edu
Mon Aug 25 20:45:08 CDT 2003

Hi everyone,

after not hearing much in the way of problems with rc1, and testing it myself 
for a while, I've decided to put what I had in cvs as rc2 officially out.

Since the changes over 0.4.0 include some critical fixes discussed there, 
I've deprecated it and moved it to the old/ subdir in dist/.

I am now working on the Windows-related changes, which will probably make a 
0.5.1 release, hopefully before too long.

For those who were using rc1, here are the changes since:

2003-08-22  Fernando Perez  <fperez at colorado.edu>

	* IPython/ultraTB.py (VerboseTB.linereader): Improved handling of
	improperly defined user exceptions.  Thanks to feedback from Mark
	Russell <mrussell at verio.net>.
2003-08-20  Fernando Perez  <fperez at colorado.edu>

	* IPython/OInspect.py (Inspector.pinfo): changed String Form
	printing so that it would print multi-line string forms starting
	with a new line.  This way the formatting is better respected for
	objects which work hard to make nice string forms.

	* IPython/iplib.py (InteractiveShell.handle_auto): Fix bug where
	autocall would overtake data access for objects with both
	__getitem__ and __call__.

The handle_auto() fix is somewhat important: if x is callable and also has 
list/dict access semantics, x[0] would always result in x([0]), b/c 
autocalling would take over.



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