[IPython-user] Ipython in XEmacs under W2k

Jannie Hofmeyr jhsh at sun.ac.za
Fri Aug 29 04:34:13 CDT 2003

Hi Fernando and list-members

I am trying to get the IPython (0.5)-shell to work with Xemacs (21.4.13) and
Python 2.2.3 under Windows (W2K), using ipython.el and the patched

I wrote the following ipython.bat based on the Unix ipython script and put
it in the path:

@echo off
set sys_argv=
if "%1"=="" GOTO Continue
set sys_argv=%sys_argv% %1
C:\Python22\python.exe -c "import
IPython;IPython.Shell.IPShell().mainloop()" %sys_argv%

This batch file works fine for opening a normal ipython shell.

When I C-c ! in Xemacs a shell window opens as a comint process:

Proc     Status   Buffer     Tty     Command
----     ------   ------     ---     -------
Python   run      *Python*   (none)	 ipython -i -colors LightBG

But, nothing appears in the shell window: no opening message, no prompt.
Exactly the same happens with Emacs

Has anyone attempted this and solved the problem? Ipython is such a great
tool (thanks Fernando!!)that I would dearly like to get it going in


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