[IPython-user] moderate/disable posts from non-subscribers

Fernando Perez fperez at colorado.edu
Wed Dec 3 23:35:50 CST 2003

Andrew Straw wrote:
> Can we please disable posts from non-subscribers, or at least make them 
> go through a moderator?  IPython has  become one of my top sources of 
> spam... (Perhaps that indicates I'm blessed with good spam fortune?)

Yes, I've unfortunately noticed the same.  Just today I spent some time on the 
mailman interface, but I was not able to find an option to block 
non-subscribers posts.  I will contact the scipy administrator to try and find 
out if he can disable it internally. Or if anyone knows how to do it and I 
just missed it, I'll be happy to hear about it, the mailing lists are managed 
by mailman.

But I'll do something about it asap.

> Also, while I'm writing a note to the IPython group, I was eager to try 
> out the new changes in CVS to help the situation for Windows.  While I 
> didn't have much chance to test anything other than up/down arrows, I 
> did notice a small bug -- "setup.py build" went ahead and installed the 
> scripts for me.

Is this bug in the ipython setup.py, or in Gary's readline stuff?  I haven't 
noticed the behavior in ipython's setup.py, but I can double check.



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