[IPython-user] Feedback request on a new feature

Keith Beattie KSBeattie at lbl.gov
Mon Dec 22 16:12:18 CST 2003

Fernando Perez wrote:
> Well, I'm not sure what you have in mind.  I did try once to get the pdb 
> prompt to have all the niceties of ipython (coloring, tab support, etc), 
> but I failed.  Or did you have something else in mind?  Keep in mind 
> that this attempt showed me that almost any 'real' integration beyond 
> what exists would almost require rewriting an entire pdb replacement 
> with the ipython framework.  That's just too much for me (feel free to 
> send the patches though ;)

Yea, I kinda figured that this would be a huge task.  Just trying to express 
the impulse I often have of wishing to be able to set a breakpoint in 
ipythyon, examine vars, step, continue, etc.  It is the tab-completion I like 
the most, so the idea of making pdb better is a reasonable route, but like 
yourself, time is the issue.

> As for better documentation, feel free (you or anyone else) to send in 
> ideas you have.  I have a 'quick tips' section in the manual where I 
> could include these, and I'd be happy to do so.

Good idea.  I'll do just that.


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