[IPython-user] Uninstalling IPython on Windows 2000

Fernando Perez fperez at colorado.edu
Thu Jul 3 14:21:21 CDT 2003

Tony Cappellini wrote:
> When un-installing IPython on Windows 2000, can I just delete the IPython 
> directory under site-packages, without messing up
> my normal Python environment  ?

I replied privately before, but here it is again for the benefit of others.

The ipython setup.py file will:

1. Make/fill an IPython directory in python/Lib/site-packages.
2. Make/fill an IPython directory in Program Files.
3. Make shortcuts for ipython and the docs in the start menu.

Simply deleting those three things will do.

> Does the installer do anything to the registry ?

No.  It reads a few things from it, but doesn't write at all.

> There isn't an uninstall program for Ipython, like the other Python packages.

Sorry.  When python2.3 is out with a better distutils, I may have another go 
at this.  But I failed with the 2.2 distutils and also with the standalone 
version.  If that works, then there will be a 'real' GUI installer, which will 
include an uninstall routine automatically.



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