[IPython-user] turn off screen clearing?

Keith Beattie KSBeattie at lbl.gov
Fri Jun 27 17:30:53 CDT 2003


I'm loving ipython, wonderfull addition to the python shell.  I think it only took me a few seconds to try hitting TAB the first time I was at the python shell.

Anyway, in the name of always wanting more...

Is there anyway to prevent the screen from being cleared when using the help system?  For example, I'm seeing:

$ ipython 
Python 2.2.1 (#3, May 14 2002, 15:16:49) 

In [1]: foo="bar"

In [2]: foo?
Type:           str
Base Class:     <type 'str'>

In [3]: foo?
[screen cleared]
Type:           str
Base Class:     <type 'str'>


On command 2 is doesn't clear the screen (good) on command 3 and for the rest of the session, it does with any '?' command.


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