[IPython-user] turn off screen clearing?

Fernando Perez fperez at colorado.edu
Mon Jun 30 11:11:34 CDT 2003

Keith Beattie wrote:
> Hello,
> I'm loving ipython, wonderfull addition to the python shell.  I think it
> only took me a few seconds to try hitting TAB the first time I was at the
> python shell.
> Anyway, in the name of always wanting more...
> Is there anyway to prevent the screen from being cleared when using the
> help system?  For example, I'm seeing:

> ----- $ ipython Python 2.2.1 (#3, May 14 2002, 15:16:49) [...]
> In [1]: foo="bar"
> In [2]: foo? Type:           str Base Class:     <type 'str'> [...]
> In [3]: foo? [screen cleared] Type:           str Base Class:     <type
> 'str'> [...]
> ------

> On command 2 is doesn't clear the screen (good) on command 3 and for the
> rest of the session, it does with any '?' command.

Mmh, this is very strange.  Could you tell me which system you use (platform, 
window manager, terminal type, etc)?  I don't see that behavior at all.

The only scenario where you should see a screen clear is if the object's info 
is too long to fit on a page (like very long docstrings).  In that case, the 
help system automatically will call up a pager, which may itself clear the screen.

So I'm a bit puzzled by the behavior you describe.  Hopefully with a bit more 
info we should be able to track it down.



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