[IPython-user] turn off screen clearing?

Keith Beattie KSBeattie at lbl.gov
Mon Jun 30 13:39:44 CDT 2003

On 06/30/2003 09:11 AM, Fernando Perez wrote:
> So I'm a bit puzzled by the behavior you describe.  Hopefully with a bit 
> more info we should be able to track it down.

Well, I dug around and actually found a places where it doesn't happen!  I've installed ipython in two locations, at home and at work.

At home it is on a Sun Ultra 5 (severance from a dot-com layoff...) running SunOS 5.8, python version 2.2.2, ipython version 0.4.0. It happens when I'm logged into that machine via my WinXP machine using SecureCRT emulating a vt100 ($TERM=vt100 on the sun.)  It also happens when I'm logged in on the Sun's console without a windowing system at all ($TERM=sun).  It does *not* happen when I start X on the Sun machine and use an xterm under fvwm2 ($TERM=xterm), but it does when using CDE in a console ($TERM=dtterm).  It also doesn't happen when I bring up an xterm under a CDE session!  It does happen when I telnet from the WinXP machine ($TERM=ansi) into the Sun machine.  At this point it looks like it only works properly when $TERM=xterm...

But at work, I have ipython installed for both RedHat 8.0 and Solaris 5.7 and it happens on both those machines when sitting at the RH 8 machine running KDE using xterms (with $TERM=xterm).  It does *not* when using KDE's Konsole (version 1.1.3 KDE 3.0.5a-4 Red Hat) ($TERM=xterm) on the linux machine but does when using the same Konsole to ssh into the Solaris machine.  The exact same is true when using gnome-terminal (2.0.1) - no clearing when on linux and clears when ssh'd into the Solaris machine (both with $TERM=xterm).

So, in comparing the behavior to the '@clear' command, it doesn't appear to do the exact same thing.  @clear clears the screen and puts the prompt at the top of the screen.  I'm seeing a cleared screen and then the '?' info from the bottom of the screen.  I also tried unsetting my $PAGER and $LESS enviroment vars which didn't seem to effect it.  I normally set $LESS=rsiM

Hope this helps, and let me know what else I can do to help debug it.  For now, I guess I'll use Konsole or Gnome-terminal with ipython.


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