[IPython-user] raw_input buglet?

Arnd Baecker baecker at physik.tu-dresden.de
Mon Jun 30 14:19:28 CDT 2003

Hi Ipythonistas (and in particular Fernando, I fear;-)

when using a raw_input in a programm started from
IPython with run,
(e.g. run raw_tst.py for the example programm
# -- cut here --
# raw_tst.py
raw_input("Please type anything and press <enter>")
# -- cut here --
After running this a "cursor up" reveals that
the input done at the raw input shows up in th history.

Actually, this also happens directly at the prompt:

In [5]: raw_input("test: ")
test: we-will-see-this-again-in-the-history
Out[5]: 'we-will-see-this-again-in-the-history'
In [6]: we-will-see-this-again-in-the-history
 (the last lines is after a cursor up ...)

Maybe there is some deeper reason why this is useful;
personally I find it a bit irritating and sometimes annoying,
and don't like it that much ;-).

If this is a buglet, this is IMHO a minor one - so in
that case Fernando, don't put it at the start of your todo list ;-)

Best, Arnd

P.S.: this happens on debian linux, both recent CVS versions
and also slightly  older ones as 0.2.14pre50 ;-)

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