[IPython-user] ipython -p numeric problem

Jack Moffitt jack at xiph.org
Sat Mar 29 18:16:52 CST 2003

> It is caused by the fact that I'm trying to enable mouse support, but 
> unfortunately I think only the CVS gnuplot has this.  In a sense it's 
> forcing a bit the users's hand, but I've left it in because Gnuplot with 
> mouse is so incredibly better than without, that it's worth for users 
> the pain of moving over to CVS code.  

It really depends on how soon the Gnuplot CVS will make it to a real
release?  I have no idea what their timelines are.

> Unfortunately I don't know of a way to trap the error to inform the 
> users of all this more gracefully.  Ideally I'd check for this in some 
> manner and give a nice message, but because of the way ipython 
> communicates with gnuplot, I've failed so far.

Can't you just run gnuplot --version and check the version string?


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