[IPython-user] [Fwd: readline for Win32]

Fernando Perez fperez at colorado.edu
Wed May 7 10:14:17 CDT 2003

Hi all,

I'd like to welcome Chris Drexler to the list, whose message is attached 
below.  He contributed readline packages for Win32 users with the CygWin 
compiler.  Thanks a lot.

I've added his packages to the usual download directory:


Since I don't have a Windows environment to test this with, all comments from 
other users are welcome. I did take a look inside the tarballs and it looks 
very reasonable, but I can't test it directly.



-------- Original Message --------
Dear Fernando Pérez,

I really love IPython and I'm using it togehter with wxPython and scipy on 
Linux (at home) and WinNT, soon  XP (at work :-( ) The biggest draw back was 
the lack of readline support for NT. After some unsuccessfull attempts I 
managed to build a readline module based on readline-4.0 which I use together 
with Python 2.2 from ActiveState. There are still some issues concerning the 
pageing because of the missing curses support but that's not so important to me.

As I'm missing appropriate donwload space I wanted to ask you if I can send 
you the tar.gz file so that you can put it somwhere near the IPython 
distribution. Its ~850kb (because of some original packages included).

If your're interested, please tell my how send you the file

Best Regards,
Chris Drexler

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