[IPython-user] Re: IPython Crash Report

Gary Bishop gb at cs.unc.edu
Tue May 13 14:11:30 CDT 2003

Hi Fernando,

I've got a simple modification to IPython that handles my example. It
may well break something else, I have only begun to appreciate the
subtleties of your code.

The idea is simple. I assume that during the exec in
InteractiveShell.runcode, calls to sys.excepthook are just another
normal exception rather than a crash in IPython. I do this by swapping
in a local excepthook just before the exec and swapping it back out
just after. I added 3 methods to InteractiveShell: excepthook (the
local handler), setexcepthook (to swap it in) and clearexcepthook (to
swap it out).

I also modified AutoFormattedTB to 1) respect etype,value, and tb args
if they are given, and 2) to accept an offset argument to temporarily
override the tb_offset. There is probably a better way to accomplish this...

Here are the diffs and I will attach the new files. I probably have
missed some important case so I'd like to hear your feedback on this
approach. I *really* like IPython and would like to make it work for wxPython.


$ diff iplib.py~ iplib.py
>     def excepthook(self, type, value, tb):
>       '''One more defense for GUI apps that call sys.excepthook.

>       GUI frameworks like wxPython trap exceptions and call
>       sys.excepthook themselves.  I guess this is a feature that
>       enables them to keep running after exceptions that would
>       otherwise kill their mainloop. This is a bother for IPython
>       which excepts to catch all of the program exceptions with a try:
>       except: statement. IPython ends up thinking it has crashed. I
>       swap in this excepthook just before the exec in runcode below,
>       so that we can treat calls to sys.excepthook as a normal thing
>       in this special case.
>       '''
>       self.InteractiveTB(type, value, tb, offset=0)
>       if self.InteractiveTB.call_pdb and self.has_readline:
>           self.readline.set_completer(self.Completer.complete)

>     def setexcepthook(self):
>       '''establish our hook in place of the standard only during a command.'''
>       self.old_excepthook = sys.excepthook
>       sys.excepthook = self.excepthook

>     def clearexcepthook(self):
>       '''clear our hook and restore the old "last line of defense"'
>       sys.excepthook = self.old_excepthook

>             self.setexcepthook()
>             self.clearexcepthook()
>             self.clearexcepthook()
>             self.clearexcepthook()

$ diff ultraTB.py~ ultraTB.py
<     def __call__(self, etype=None, evalue=None, etb=None,out=None):
>     def __call__(self, etype=None, evalue=None, etb=None,out=None,offset=None):
<         print >> out, self.text()
>         if offset is not None:
>             offset, self.tb_offset = self.tb_offset, offset
>             print >> out, self.text(etype, evalue, etb)
>             self.tb_offset = offset
>         else:
>             print >> out, self.text()
<         etype,value,tb = sys.exc_info()
>         if etype is None:
>             etype,value,tb = sys.exc_info()
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