[IPython-user] 0.4.0 ready for Monday

Fernando Perez fperez at colorado.edu
Fri May 16 21:56:24 CDT 2003

Hi all,

I think 0.4.0 is ready for release, so I'll put it out on Monday barring any 
last-minute show-stoppers.  It's basically 0.2.15pre4 with a few small things, 
and two important fixes:

- a nasty bug for Windows users upon first-time use

- Gary Bishop's fix for WxPython apps which have the nasty habit of accessing 
sys.excepthook directly, making it look like ipython crashed on every 
exception.  Thanks a lot for  your work, Gary; great job.

This will hopefully help all the WxWindows users out there.

I modified Gary's patch to be as light as possible because it's in the middle 
of the internal runcode method.  So I removed  the functions it had, and 
inlined them by hand, also using a try/finally to be absolutely positive that 
things get done in the right order.  Please report if you notice any impact in 
interactive response.

If you'd like to take the code for a spin, just grab it off CVS and let me 
know of any horrors before I make a fool of myself :)



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