[IPython-user] what happened to kinds?

Jack Moffitt jack at xiph.org
Mon May 19 00:40:45 CDT 2003

IPython uses the kinds module for numeric in the numutils module, but
Numeric has now removed kinds.  Here's an excerpt from the changelog:

-- snip --
Important notice:
Two packages have been removed from optional ones: PropertiedClasses, kinds.
MA has been rewritten to use standard property and will not work for
ancient Pythons. (Pre 2.1, I think). Use the MA / Propertied Classes
from Numeric 22 if you can't use this one.
The kinds package (subject of PEP-0242) will be released as a separate
package shortly. PEP-0242 was withdrawn because this facility did not seem
to be worth putting in the standard library, but kinds is correct as is.
-- snip --

This should probably be addressed in 0.4.0, but I'm not sure what the
correct solution is.  Currently this is causing import failures in the
debian packages when using any of the numeric/scipy stuff.


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