[IPython-user] Gnuplot 1.6 incompatibility?

Fernando Perez fperez at colorado.edu
Thu Oct 2 16:14:34 CDT 2003

Arnd Baecker wrote:
>>I know M. Haggerty
>>has made lots of changes recently, and you might have something which is
>>actually newer than 'stock' 1.6.  I simply say this b/c the old patches
>>apparently made it all work fine for 1.6 users.  But I could well be wrong,
>>since I myself only use 1.5 still.
> You are absolutely right!

On the bright side, the changes he made were (at least many of them) going in 
the direction of ipython's gnuplot support.  I discussed some of the things 
I'd done in ipython about gnuplot with him, since I never wanted to fork 
anything.  And he ended up implementing quite a bit of that in the mainline 
code.  I don't know if he used my code or rewrote it himself, but I know that 
the new Gnuplot.py will have more of the flavor of IPython's gnuplot support.

What I need to do then is to download his CVS code and make sure that ipython 
can at least work with it.  Basically, it means putting in a lot of 
try/excepts everywhere :(   Perhaps I'll send him a message asking him to tag 
the CVS version string so that users are a bit less surprised.



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