[IPython-user] Re: problems with ipython-emacs-mode

Karl Pflästerer sigurd at 12move.de
Tue Oct 21 12:58:17 CDT 2003

On 21 Oct 2003, Jens Brandenburg <- jens_brandenburg at gmx.net wrote:

> I work on Win98 and I want to use IPython as py-shell for my (X)Emacs... 
> Therefor I put all the relevant stuff into my ~/.xemacs file (ipython.el, 
> python-mode.el, ipython executable...). In the custom.el I add the 

What exactly did you write in your .xemacs.el?

> following lines: (load "~/.xemacs/ipython.el"); (load 
> "~/.xemacs/python-mode.el"); (require 'ipython) 

In custom.el you shouldn't write anything manually.

> So it seems to me that it should work but it doesn't!!! Loading works but 
> if I start the interpreter only Python is running... 
> Maybe someone could give me a hint... 

Look at the load-path (`C-h v load-path RET'); try 
`M-x find-libraray python-mode RET'; which lib is found?

I think the original python-mode.el is found instead of the one from

What is a bit sad are the differences in between python-mode.el from
Ipython and the original one; where are discussions according ipython.el
approbiate? (IMO it should be possible to put all the different code in
ipython.el so it would be easier to use it in (X)Emacs).


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