[IPython-user] Still(!) problems with ipython-emacs-mode

Fernando Perez fperez at colorado.edu
Tue Oct 28 11:42:09 CST 2003

Jens Brandenburg wrote:
> Hi,  
> It looks like Karl was right. That's why I replaced the older  
> python-mode.el by the one wich can be downloaded under ipython.scipy.net  
> ... But this doesn't change anything...  
> So, maybe it's better to go through it step by step...  
> I installed my xemacs under: c:\programs\xemacs  
> My HOME directory is c:\  
> python-mode.el is found in  
> c:\programs\xemacs\xemacs-packages\lisp\python-modes  
> ipython.el I put in c:\programs\xemacs\xemacs21.4.8\lisp  
> init.el is situated in c:\.xemacs  
> In the init.el I add the following line:  
> (require 'ipython)  
> So, I think I've done everything necessary, or not??? 
> PS.: What means "IPython will be set as the default python shell, but only 
> if the ipython executable is in the path."? Which path is meant here? 

Mmh, sorry.  I'm so far out of my league here, it's not even funny.  I'll have 
to defer to hopefully someone with more knowledge than me about how xemacs 
handles its configuration details (Alex? :)



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