[IPython-user] Starting ipython under emacs

Fernando Perez fperez at colorado.edu
Tue Sep 23 19:23:29 CDT 2003

Sorry for the late reply, I was on vacation.

Hildegarde Roth wrote:
> I may be dense but I can't find out how to use
> this C-c ! shortcut. Besides, as far as I know, 
> the way to start a shell under emacs is M-x shell.

Once you are in a python source file, C-c ! becomes bound to starting a python 
shell.  This is different from 'M-x shell', which opens a system shell.  A 
python shell is a comint buffer with 2-way communication with your python 
files.  Please take a look at the manual for details on Emacs configuration, 
and if that still doesn't work, let me know again exactly what the problem is 
and I'll try my best to help.

> On the other hand, I have the problem that 
> python mode makes the menu bar of emacs totally
> unresponsive (you can't even kill emacs manually).
> This is using emacs 21.2 under Windows. Is anyone
> else experiencing that behaviour?

Sorry, I use Xemacs under Linux with zero problems.  So I can't really help here.



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