[IPython-user] [Fwd] Re: Using ipython as a bash replacement

Fernando Perez fperez at colorado.edu
Sat Apr 10 14:36:15 CDT 2004

Hi Chris,

I'm re-sending your message to the ipython-user list, because it got blocked. 
  Unfortunately because of the spam flood we had, I was forced to block all 
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Subject: Re: Using ipython as a bash replacement
From: Chris Gahan <chris at ill-logic.com>
Date: Sat, 10 Apr 2004 01:32:52 +0000 (UTC)
To: ipython-user at scipy.net

On 22 Mar 2004, Fernando Perez said:

 >> The alias command is the cornerstone of ipython's shell access, but
 >> you can certainly add more sophisticated magic commands which do
 >> anything you want.

The alias command is awesome, but I think a small detail of its behaviour
should be tweaked to make it more shell-friendly -- the tab-completion.

Currently, it's setup to first search python variables, then if there are
no matches it searches for matching filenames. Doing it in that order is
inconvenient because you're going to be running the alias on a file most
of the time.

(BTW: Is there a way to use python symbols on an alias' commandline,
where it expands them to strings first, so you could do something like:
ls someobject.get_dir()?)

Anyhow, this behaviour would be better if it was reversed for aliases
(serach filenames first, then symbols).

Heh, sorry, this is kinda a long message for such a simple issue.

iPython is one of my favorite tools, by the way. I was thinking of
writing a little Win32-native wrapper for it so that you can run it in a
Window with all the proper colours and getline support.  I haven't
found a good solution yet (I still use it through SSH). Do you know if
anyone else has thought of working on something like this?

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