[IPython-user] Notes on using ipython as a system shell ('pysh')

Fernando Perez Fernando.Perez at colorado.edu
Tue Apr 13 15:42:18 CDT 2004

I'm responding here to what was not in the other email.

Prabhu Ramachandran wrote:

>     FP> - it's ok for shell builtins (in this case this includes the
>     FP>   python language)
>     FP> to override system commands on the path.  See tcsh's 'time' vs
>     FP> '/usr/bin/time'.  This settles the 'print' issue and related.
>     FP> - pysh should take
>     FP> foo args
>     FP> as a command if (foo args is NOT valid python) and (foo is in
>     FP> $PATH).
>     FP> If the user types
>     >>> ./foo args
>     FP> it should be considered a system command always.
> Or better, the good old:
>  >> !foo args
> since . may not contain foo.

No need for the !.  I just meant that if you type ./foo, it should assume that 
you want shell execution in the local dir, so it behaves in terms of path 
searches just like all shells do.  Principle of least surprise and all.

pysh would probably maintain the ! syntax as a way to explicitly ask for shell 
execution of a statement which can also be seen as a python one.

> Anyway, this sounds terrific and I look forward to it.  Considering
> how horribly addicted I am to tab-completion, the only problem is that
> if pysh does become a reality, many of us would be handicapped on any
> other shell. ;-)

I also look forward to using it.  I just wonder who's going to write it ;-)



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