[IPython-user] Gnuplot use and mouse/hotkey support.

Fernando Perez Fernando.Perez at colorado.edu
Mon Apr 19 16:37:24 CDT 2004

Hi all,

this message really only is of interest to those of you who use Gnuplot under 

Now that gnuplot 4.0 is out, those of you using version 1.7 of Michael 
Haggerty's Gnuplot.py (which IPython extends but still relies on) may have 
noticed that gnuplot's nice mouse and hotkey support is broken.  With versions 
1.6 and earlier of Gnuplot.py, those features work normally.

I found a quick solution to the problem, and I'm sharing it here for your 
benefit.  I've already informed Michael about this, so perhaps it will be 
fixed upstream in a future release.

Again, this ONLY applies to version 1.7 of Gnuplot.py.

Open the file _Gnuplot.py in your installation directory for Gnuplot.py
(typically something like /usr/lib/python/site-packages/Gnuplot or somesuch).

Comment out line 188 (the last line of the Gnuplot.__init__ method), which says:

          self('set terminal %s' % (gp.GnuplotOpts.default_term,))

It's the issuing of that 'set terminal' command which breaks mouse support.
Leaving it commented out doesn't really seem to cause any harm I can see (it
wasn't there in 1.6 and earlier, and I've never had any problem).



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