[IPython-user] IPython and Python 2.4a2

David J. C. Beach beach at verinet.com
Tue Aug 10 17:34:33 CDT 2004

I just tried IPython out on Python 2.4a2, and discovered a few
interesting things:

1) It does not start up, due to a minor interface change in the
"keyword" standard library.  This is easily fixed with a 4-line patch
which adds a try-except clause to deal with the issue.  (I'd be happy to
produce a patch according to the guidelines and to submit it.)

2) IPython's @magic syntax interferes with the new "@decorator" syntax
introduced in this version of Python.  I sincerely doubt that most
people will want to enter function "@decorator" syntax from the prompt. 
Perhaps there should be a way to type this syntax from IPython in case
it is needed.  One possibility is backslash:
"\@" in IPython becomes "@" in normal Python

3) I tried a few generator expressions, as well.  Those appeared to work
without any problems.


David J. C. Beach
<beach at verinet.com>
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