[IPython-user] IPython and Python 2.4a2

Fernando Perez Fernando.Perez at colorado.edu
Tue Aug 10 17:49:33 CDT 2004

David J. C. Beach wrote:
> I just tried IPython out on Python 2.4a2, and discovered a few
> interesting things:
> 1) It does not start up, due to a minor interface change in the
> "keyword" standard library.  This is easily fixed with a 4-line patch
> which adds a try-except clause to deal with the issue.  (I'd be happy to
> produce a patch according to the guidelines and to submit it.)

This has already been fixed in CVS, so don't worry.  Another user sent me a 
patch when 2.4a1 came out.

> 2) IPython's @magic syntax interferes with the new "@decorator" syntax
> introduced in this version of Python.  I sincerely doubt that most
> people will want to enter function "@decorator" syntax from the prompt. 
> Perhaps there should be a way to type this syntax from IPython in case
> it is needed.  One possibility is backslash:
> "\@" in IPython becomes "@" in normal Python

I've discussed this a lot on the massive thread on this topic which took place 
in python-dev.  Look in the python-dev archives for my name, if you are 
curious about the arguments I presented.

Right now, I'm going to wait for Guido to settle on a syntax before I make 
decisions about ipython.  There's still a chance he might go for something 
other than @, case in which I won't have to do anything.

If @ becomes official python syntax, then I'll solicit feedback from the 
ipython community on what to do.  I'll remember your suggestion, but please 
keep in mind to repost it when the time comes, if we need to make changes.

> 3) I tried a few generator expressions, as well.  Those appeared to work
> without any problems.

Good to know, thanks for the report.



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