[IPython-user] Emacs support: three problems

Fernando Perez Fernando.Perez at colorado.edu
Sun Dec 12 15:09:07 CST 2004

Hi John,

John J Lee wrote:
> Thought I'd give IPython a try for the completion support from inside
> emacs (I see several of you have been working hard on this recently: it's
> appreciated!).  TAB-completion works fine in ordinary IPython.  M-x
> py-version confirms that I have python-mode 4.69.  However:
> 1. C-c ! gives me a standard Python shell, not an IPython shell.

Did you put

(require 'ipython)

in your .emacs config file?  This is all that should be required (that's all I 
have).  If you did already this, I'm a bit at a loss (my knowledge of emacs 
configuration is very limited, despite being a full-time Xemacs user).

> 2. Typing "sys." (without the quotes), then M-x ipython-complete inside a
> python-mode buffer visiting foo.py gives me "Buffer foo.py has no
> process".

Once #1 above is done, TAB completes just fine for me in the IPython subshell 
which C-c ! starts.

> 3. After configuring EDITOR=emacsclient as per the IPython manual, %edit
> fails, since I'm on Windows, and I don't seem to have have emacsclient.
> I guess people here who run on Windows use gnuserv?

Mmmh.  Dunno, as I don't use windows nor emacsclient/gnuserv myself.  Oddly 
enough, my $EDITOR is set to jed, since I actually use Xemacs only for 
editing, and actually run ipython in a shell (I prefer the coloring and 
readline behavior of a regular terminal, just personal taste).



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