[IPython-user] Embedding IPython with py2exe

Michael Foord mike at pcblokes.com
Fri Dec 31 15:18:42 CST 2004

Fernando Perez wrote:

> Michael Foord wrote:
> [snip..]
>> which is called with :
>> interactive(locals())
> Just as a minor side note, you could set localvars=None by default, 
> and fetch them for the user using sys._getframe.  See how the 
> IPShellEmbed's __call__ method works for details.  It's just a small, 
> nice convenience for your users, so they can just say:
> interactive()
> and be done with it.  If the computer can figure out a sensible 
> default, by all means let it do it :)
Thanks for your advice - I'll add make the change for the next update.

>> Nice and easy !! Except when called from a py2exe program, site.py isn't
>> imported. This means that 'copyright' and 'credits' aren't available as
>> builtins. This causes part of IPython to fail. To rectify this I used
>> the following code straight from site.py :
> [...]
>> This solves the problem neatly. I've also posted this message to the
>> py2exe mailing list as well. It could also be fixed by testing for
>> NameError when they are used in IPython... but that may not be a 
>> priority.
> Well, I'm not exactly sure what your question is here.  Would you 
> prefer ipython to perform this kind of check, or are you happy with 
> your current solution?  I don't have a problem with adding such a 
> check, esp. because other embedded users may run into the exact same 
> problem down the road.  I tend to avoid too many special-purpose 
> checks, but this one seems to provide wide benefit, and as I'm 
> starting to work on the internal cleanup for GUI embedding, this may 
> well become necessary.

Both. I'm quite happy with my current fix. *But* for the sake of others 
who may want to embed IPython and use py2exe it would be wise to fix it 
so this is generally possible.

By the way - although there are no prebuilt environments for download 
yet, 'Movable Python' is already available. The source code that builds 
the environments (configurable) with docs, is available from :

The online docs are at :

(Sorry - can't resist the chance to advertise !!)



> Cheers,
> f
> ps. Good luck with your project, and thanks for including ipython!

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