[IPython-user] version of python-mode.el in IPython

Fernando Perez Fernando.Perez-1 at colorado.edu
Fri Jan 9 12:09:43 CST 2004

Ted Leung wrote:
> Hi Fernando,
> Thanks for dropping by my blog today.  I had a question about the 

You're welcome.  I've kept a light eye on Chandler, and was pleasantly 
surprised to see ipython mentioned there :)

> version of python-mode.el thats in IPython.  The version of 
> python-mode.el that I'm using is 4.6, but yours says 1.1, probably 
> because you checked it into CVS.  So my question: is your version based 
> on 4.6? It looks like it has some of the changes from the sourceforge 
> project for python-mode, but it's really hard to tell.  Do you know 
> what's up with python-mode.el development?

Fortunately, I see Alex already stepped in.  He's the resident emacs wizard :)

While I use Xemacs for everything, I've always admitted to my most absolute 
ignorance in all things lisp.  My .emacs file is a big cut'n'paste job from 
other people's files.  So for all things emacs, I defer to Alex's wisdom.  He 
did a great job in adding IPython support to emacs, and from reading his 
message I see all of this could be folded into the mainline python-mode in the 



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