[IPython-user] version of python-mode.el in IPython

Fernando Perez Fernando.Perez-1 at colorado.edu
Fri Jan 9 12:13:33 CST 2004

Alexander Schmolck wrote:
> Ted Leung <twl at sauria.com> writes:

>>Thanks for dropping by my blog today. I had a question about the version of
>>python-mode.el thats in IPython. The version of python-mode.el that I'm using
>>is 4.6, but yours says 1.1, probably because you checked it into CVS. So my
>>question: is your version based on 4.6? 
> [I'll give it a stab (now that I'm actually subscribed to the mailing list on
> which -- as I've recently discovered on the ipython webpage -- I'm supposedly
> addressing the emacs-support related questions :)]

Thanks for coming in :)  Somehow I'd always assumed you were subscribed, and I 
kept passing along the questions on emacs to you.

> It is in principle possible that the patch has been incoorporated by the new
> team, but I don't think so. You can easily test for yourself though -- if you
> have the CVS version at hand, just see whehter it works fine with ipython and
> ipython.el. If so, excellent, otherwise I'll attempt to make a new patch maybe
> this weekend (if you have the impression that the current CVS version is
> pretty stable -- I don't want to waste too much time), and see whether I can
> get Skip to incorporate it. AFAIR, there should be no reason not to
> incorporate my change -- all it does is improve the prompt handling, making it
> more generic and it isn't particularly happy (as I said AFAIR, I haven't
> checked).

This would be very nice.

> BTW, I've made some small improvements to ipython.el, and since it's not
> particularly large I guess it's OK if I just attach it to this post (this
> version should provide a more accurate C-c - and "dirtrack" (i.e. update the
> buffers CWD when on ``cd /foo`` in ipython)).

Do you think this is good enough to update what we have on the site, or do you 
want me to wait for more testing before I put it up?

And happy new year!



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