[IPython-user] version of python-mode.el in IPython

Ted Leung twl at sauria.com
Fri Jan 9 13:11:15 CST 2004

On Jan 9, 2004, at 3:25 AM, Alexander Schmolck wrote:

> Ted Leung <twl at sauria.com> writes:
>> It looks like it has some of the changes from the sourceforge project 
>> for
>> python-mode, but it's really hard to tell. Do you know what's up with
>> python-mode.el development?
> It is in principle possible that the patch has been incoorporated by 
> the new
> team, but I don't think so. You can easily test for yourself though -- 
> if you
> have the CVS version at hand, just see whehter it works fine with 
> ipython and
> ipython.el. If so, excellent, otherwise I'll attempt to make a new 
> patch maybe
> this weekend (if you have the impression that the current CVS version 
> is
> pretty stable -- I don't want to waste too much time), and see whether 
> I can
> get Skip to incorporate it. AFAIR, there should be no reason not to
> incorporate my change -- all it does is improve the prompt handling, 
> making it
> more generic and it isn't particularly happy (as I said AFAIR, I 
> haven't
> checked).

I just discovered your original patch on the sourceforge site (couldn't 
access sf.net last night)  Your changes do look small, but haven't been 
incorporated in to the CVS HEAD version yet.  It is hard to determine 
how much activity there is -- sf's CVS says 1 commit, but if you look 
at the file in view CVS, it shows commits as recently as 2 weeks ago.   
I only downloaded 4.49 last night, and I'll play with it today, but so 
far it's stable for me.  It doesn't have your prompt changes in it.  It 
does incorporate some of your other changes already, adds some 
font-lock stuff and some space filling stuff.

I'm more than willing to test if you want to make a patch against 4.49.

FYI, the other thing I'm looking for is the ability to use more than 
one CPython at a time -- Chandler has a bundled CPython, which makes 
lots of things difficult to annoying -- I hope this will change on 
platforms where there is already a python present, but for now that's 
the way it is.   I got ipython to work by hacking a version of the 
ipython script to use our Python.

> BTW, I've made some small improvements to ipython.el, and since it's 
> not
> particularly large I guess it's OK if I just attach it to this post 
> (this
> version should provide a more accurate C-c - and "dirtrack" (i.e. 
> update the
> buffers CWD when on ``cd /foo`` in ipython)).

Ok -- I've not yet tried ipython.el, but maybe this weekend.

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