[IPython-user] version of python-mode.el in IPython

Alexander Schmolck a.schmolck at gmx.net
Sun Jan 11 07:20:21 CST 2004

Ted Leung <twl at sauria.com> writes:

> Hi Alexander,
> I've tried it briefly tonight, using the ipython.el that you attached and
> this (http://www.sauria.com/~twl/code/elisp/python-mode-4.49-hacked.el)
> merged version of python-mode.el 4.49 from SF CVS. The minimal stuff I
> tested works -- display of completions is kind of messed up. 

I've also had a brief look at CVS python-mode (after patched with the patch I
submitted on sf.net) yesterday -- the trackeback jumping stuff (C-c- et al)
was annoyingly no longer functional, but I noticed no other problems (I think
I also tested completions). I'd very much like to see this python-mode mess
finally sorted out so I'll try to give it a stab tonight, but I can't promise.
I'll post to the list as soon as I've made some progress.

> This is on a built from CVS emacs running on Mac OS X. The biggest thing was
> that I needed to do
> (setq process-connection-type t) before starting up ipython. 

Have you got any idea why this is necessary -- something OS X specific? I
don't think I've encountered this before.

> You may want to check my merge to make sure I did it right. 

> This is using IPython 0.5.
> Hope this helps

yep, your feedback is definitely appreciated


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